Caliper Restore

Breathing New Life Into Your Brakes

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The new SSBC-USA Caliper Restore Service is now available! Send us your old SSBC-USA-manufactured brake calipers and our team will revitalize them to maintain style and long-lasting American Stopping Power and performance. To ensure you have the best USA-made brakes possible for your vehicle, keep them braking stronger for longer with the SSBC-USA Caliper Restore Service. You can also download our Sell Sheet on this offering here.


Standard Stainless Steel Brake Servicing

The following SSBC-USA calipers can be cleaned, inspected, tested, and restored for added braking performance and longevity.

Part #

Standard Brake for Servicing


SVC-01F Single-Piston Front Calipers $125.00
SVC-01R Single-Piston Rear Calipers w/ Parking Brake Assembly $150.00
SVC-02 2-Piston Front Calipers $125.00
SVC-03 3-Piston Rear Calipers w/o Parking Brake Assembly $150.00
SVC-03R 3-Piston Rear Calipers w/ Parking Brake Assembly $175.00
SVC-04 4-Piston Front Calipers $150.00
SVC-06 6-Piston Front or Rear Calipers $175.00
SVC-08 8-Piston Front or Rear Calipers $195.00

*Replacement of stainless steel pistons, assembly hardware, or any additional machine shop labor are in addition to the standard service charge. An estimate of any additional costs will be provided for review prior to work commencing. Shipping is not included in this pricing.


Brake Like New

Complete caliper disassembly and inspection.

Helium pressure testing of your rejuvenated calipers.

New internal high-pressure/dust seals and bleeders.

Reconditioning of pistons as needed.

Cleaning and inspection of caliper bores, critical casting areas, cross-over, and machined surfaces.

General cleaning of caliper.

Reignite Raw American Stopping Power Behind Your Brakes

Call (716) 775-6700 or email to learn more and take advantage of the new SSBC-USA Caliper Restore Service.