The Rebirth of a Legendary Brand Begins.

In 1974, the automotive icon Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation was born and grew into an industry powerhouse with high-quality brake components. Over time, the business experienced insurmountable challenges and eventually ceased production in 2019. A group of passionate investors saw the potential of the brand and jumped at the opportunity to purchase all of the assets and resurrect the legendary product lines. This is how SSBC-USA was born.

Driven By Passion & Excellence

Built with Quality. Serviced with Care.

SSBC-USA products are 100% engineered and manufactured in America with our direct-fit calipers and rotors designed for both factory and aftermarket wheels. You can confidently take your resto-mod to the next level, upgrade classic muscle, or increase your tow rig’s stopping power by up to 35% with relentless 8-piston heavy duty calipers. Machined from high-strength billet aluminum and over-designed for maximum strength, SSBC-USA provides the performance brake parts and systems that stop other brake companies in their tracks. And with our dedicated customer service team, your complete satisfaction is ensured from initial consultation to installation. 


Are you ready to add American Stopping Power to your vehicle? We are. We’re also ready to give you 10% off your full purchase when you use the promo code GOUSA10. Our offer has been recently extended but it won’t stick around for long. You can also order from our full SSBC-USA Product Catalog over the phone at 716-775-6700 or by reaching out to Whether you need a 4- or 8-piston caliper upgrade for your truck or hot rod, or a disc conversion kit for your classic muscle, SSBC-USA is ready to elevate your driving experience—with a 10% discount! View our full catalog below and call, email or click to place your order today

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Customized Confidence.

We know your ride is as one-of-a-kind as you are. SSBC-USA maintains that level of personalization all the way down to your brake calipers. By offering calipers in an anodized or powder coat finish, you can choose the exact color that best complements your vehicle. With customized engraving, SSBC-USA also empowers you to personalize your vehicle’s finest details. With an unmistakably classic look and streamlined appearance, SSBC-USA delivers groundbreaking design innovation inside and out.

Powering Forward.

SSBC-USA looks forward to becoming the brake company powered by what matters most to you—reliability, performance, customer care, on-time delivery, and robust brakes made from the finest raw materials. The original designs and products have been preserved. Our ownership and management team consists of professionals with decades-long experience in the areas of automotive manufacturing, process, technology, customer service, and logistics. What does all this mean for you? Unparalleled innovation, high-quality products, on-time delivery, and world-class customer service.