Brake Caliper and Rotor Upgrades 3 Sets in Silver Red and Blue with red caliper background

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I almost put Brittany through the dash. It is an insane amount of stopping power. I've never felt that on a Jeep, nothing like this and somehow it actually works with the stock master and stock booster, we're not changing any of that up there. I thought it was going to need all of that.

Kevin Williams (Lite Brite Nation)

He's not joking. It had their 8 lug brake upgrade and he didnt warn me, he hit the brakes, it dang near sent me through the windsheild. Uh it is Very effective.

Brittany Williams (Lite Brite Nation)

Driving the truck the last 2 days after finishing it up and your calipers, rotors and brakes are absolutely amazing!!! Never had a truck this big that would stop like your driving a sports car! Amazing products!

Michael Walston @ruby_250_superduty

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